Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring is Here!

I once read somewhere that having fresh flowers in the home boosts and brightens mood. There is something so wonderful about coming home or waking up to a vase full of fresh flowers. The hardest part for me is deciding which kind of flowers to buy since there are so many choices. Consider featuring a new flower for each season. I love Hydrangeas for the Spring and Sunflowers in the Fall. Or for a pulled together look, pick flowers to match the color of the room they will be displayed in. I continually buy Carnations, Mums, and Dahlias since they can last up to two weeks or more if you keep the water fresh.

Don’t forget to think about creative containers for your arrangements. Look around your home and think outside the box for unexpected vases. How about a glass milk jug, a vintage water pitcher, a cookie jar? If you don’t want to pour water directly into a container, fill a drinking glass instead and set inside the container. Then feed the stems directly into the glass. This way no one will be able to see the glass and it will protect your container from water damage.