Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's the Occasion?

Occasional tables are making a flashy comeback. The tables that were once covered in doilies cluttering your great-aunt’s house are a statement of the past. Today’s occasional table is bold and doesn’t necessarily have to match your décor. These tables can add a much needed pop of color or texture to any room.

A great place to hunt for a table is at thrift stores and garage sales. Because the table is small, it is easy to refinish or add a new coat of paint. Look for tables that have sturdy legs and at least one interesting design element.

Occasional tables aren’t large enough to be practical, they’re meant to be decorative. They are designed to perform no task other than to hold a lamp or display a few picture frames. Traditional locations for occasional tables are adjacent to the couch, a reading chair, or the bed. Feel free to try something new! How about in the bathroom displaying a container of delicate soap bars? Or paired with a chair in the entry to provide impromptu seating? Whatever the occasion, be sure to have a table nearby.

What's the Occasion?

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  1. I love these tables. Thanks for coming by my blog and letting me know about the ginger missing. I fixed it and hope you give it a try. I am your newset follower on this lovely blog.