Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All the Senses

When I worked at Antrhopologie one of the first things they teach you is how the store is designed to appeal to all the senses. Design should be something you experience on all levels...well maybe not taste...I never did figure that one out.

Sight: Your home should be filled with appealing images and have an aesthetic that suits who you are. Surround yourself with colors you like and make sure furniture and art are in balance with the room. Fresh flowers are known to boost mood and bring delight to any room.

Touch: Don’t forget to add texture. Add woven throw blankets and embroidered pillows. Look for lampshades that have a 3D design. Hang a polished mirror next to an unfinished piece of wood furniture. Mixing varying elements together creates a more interesting environment.

Smell: Have a scent you love? Make it your signature home fragrance and carry it throughout your home. Try to stick to one scent as you don’t want to overwhelm guests with a ton of varying smells. What’s even better is finding candles that are in pretty jars or containers that match your home.

Sound: Whether you’re entertaining, having Sunday dinner, or just lounging around, do it to tunes that suit the mood.

Notice the use of vibrant color and the variety of images throughout the room.

(Above image by thisisbossi, licensed by Creative Commons.)

These lampshades would bring texture and depth to any room. They are so much more fun than your boring basic shade.

(Above image by Jean-Baptiste Soufron, licensed by Creative Commons.)

You can find candles like these nearly anywhere. Anthropologie has beautiful candles that not only smell wonderful but last forever. They also come in cool containers that you can keep afterwards.

(Above image by Igloowhite, licensed by Creative Commons.)

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