Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome Home

I moved to the Bay Area from Southern California almost a year ago. As soon as I got a job I started saving up for my first post-college, roommate free apartment. Of course, I had been decorating this apartment in my head since I was twelve. I lived with my boyfriend, The Lumberjack, while I was looking for a place of my own. Apartments are expensive in the Bay Area and notoriously on the older side.

But take my breath away – I had found it. Originally only one picture of the building on Craigslist I went on a whim to see what the inside looked like. As soon as I stepped foot in side I knew this was the place for me. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw with a bedroom that was the size of a living room and walk in closet complete with shoe rack. Large windows in every room let the sun drift in and soak the original hardwood floors. The kitchen was actually quite large with a French door that led to a long balcony. Surprising elements like the 1950’s blue and yellow tile in the bathroom and a wall heater that was probably just as old keep this apartment looking charming. Welcome home, I thought.

Here I am nearly eight months later and my apartment is fully decorated and complete. While a part of me is sad it’s over a wise person once told me a home is never really finished. You pick things up along the way in life and tastes will change. I decided to start this blog because I love decorating so much. I hope you enjoy my ideas and inspirations and take away some ideas for yourself.

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