Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do it Yourself: A Dresser Drawer Makeover

An easy fix for an old dresser is to update the drawers with contact paper. Adding some color or a new design to the inside of your drawers will keep you delighted each time you open them.

These drawers are just calling for a makeover


I found this drawer lining paper at Home Goods for $3.99 for 5 sheets..not bad!

A friend gave me these scented sachets just in time for the DIY :)

Step 1: Thoroughly vacuum all the drawers

Step 2: Begin to line the contact paper in the drawer. You may need to overlap two sheets depending on the size of the drawer. If you can’t find contact paper you can also use a thick sheet of wrapping paper. A lot of craft stores sell single sheets of paper in dozens of darling designs.

Step 3: Tuck in your sachet under the paper towards the back of the drawer. In place of a fragranced sachet you can also use a pouch filled with dried lavender. If you are really in a pinch try scented tea light candles or spray the paper with your favorite perfume.

Step 4: Use scotch tape to secure the paper to the drawer so it doesn’t move around.

It’s that easy! And look how cute! Can’t wait to open my drawers tomorrow to the new motif.

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