Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art for Less

Paintings and posters make a home really come to life. However, if you’re on a budget it can be hard to find art in your price range. An easy solution to this is to buy decorative paper and frame it.

I found the below “posters” of Paris at a local boutique. It is actually a piece of wrapping paper and get this…each one was only $3.95!!

Find art for less at shops that sell decorative paper. Scrapbooking stores usually have a large selection. You’ll be surprised what you can find. The paper doesn’t necessarily need to have an image on it either. You can pick out decorative paper that has a glittery design or pretty floral pattern and use that for your art. Simply break up the pattern by cutting equal size squares of the paper, place in matching frames, and hang on the wall in a row. You can find inexpensive framing kits at places like Aaron Brothers. The best thing about this kind of art is that when you get tired of looking at it you can change it easily and for a low cost.

Pictures like these are charming and you would never guess its wrapping paper.

(each poster is approximately 28" x 20")

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