Monday, January 2, 2012

With a Kiss

Start the New Year with a kiss. Kissing balls are a whimsical way to add fun to a room. It is not often that we get to hang something from our ceilings, and doing so brings height to a room and lets the eye wander upwards. Kissing balls are hot right now and come in many different mediums. It seems like everywhere I have been lately I have seen these charming decorations suspended in shop front windows. I even saw them in the aisle ways at Trader Joe’s!

Hang them above your bed or in a well lit corner of the living room. Be sure to hang them at varying heights and relatively close together. The rule of thumb is to hang them no farther apart from each other than the smallest ball’s circumference. Also, if hanging more than one, each kissing ball should be of different sizes.

If you don’t want to buy a store made version then make your own. Any craft store should have Styrofoam balls and any other supplies you may need. Cover yours with your favorite flowers, fake or fresh, depending upon how long you’d like it to last. Some other ideas are overlapping feathers, layered tissue paper, or cinched fabric.

Traditionally, kissing balls were hung in doorways to bring good luck to those who passed beneath them. They’re common at Christmas and weddings but are making their way into our homes. Start your own tradition by bringing some old world romance into your daily life.

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