Friday, January 20, 2012

Dog Pop Art

A charming way to incorporate your dog into your home is with a customized Pop Art print. It’s a creative way to display your dog’s personality without looking like you spend your weekends watching Best in Show.

These Pop Art prints designed by Manda Wolfe bring a sense of humor to the traditional pet portrait. The setting is reminiscent of a mug shot from a 1930’s bank robbery. A placard of what could be your dog’s mobster name makes you feel like they almost did commit a crime.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, Manda has those too. These simple prints are timeless and keep your pup the center of focus. Select colors that work well with the rest of your home. The hard part is deciding which picture to use.

Visit Manda Wolfe's Art Studio here.

Think about setting up a one stop station where you can keep all your dog’s necessities. A place to hang leashes, stash vitamins and store dog food will help keep you organized and keep the rest of your home from being cluttered with dog junk. Set up a corkboard were you can tack up reminder vet visits and other important papers. A large picture of your dog hanging above the station will help to identify the area and keep it from looking like a random catchall.

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