Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Say Goodbye to Rug Burn

Swiss Miss recently asked me, “Where can I find inexpensive rugs?” I told her it was a trick question – there is no place to find an inexpensive rug.

Rugs are not only one of the hardest home items to shop for but one of the most costly. What’s worse is that most affordable rugs come in undesirable colors, are oddly patterned with geometric shapes, and look and smell cheap.

But it can be fun to take your time to find the right rug especially since it isn’t something you need right away. I spent months looking for a rug for my living room. Here are some places I found that have good quality rugs with interesting designs.

Z Gallerie has expensive but elegant rugs

Cost Plus has a large selection to choose from

Pier 1 has beautiful rugs in many sizes and shapes

For every major grouping of furniture there should be a run underneath it anchoring the setting.

Under the couch: the rug should be wider than the couch. Center the couch with whichever focal point it is facing – the fireplace, a window, additional seating, or the TV. Then you can start to align the rug; slide it under the couch about 6 inches. There should be the same amount of rug showing on either side of the couch. Now you can place your coffee table down by centering it on the rug.

Under the dining room table: the rug should be large enough that all chairs still rest on it even when pulled out.

Under the bed: the rug should be larger that then bed and extend at least 18" for a King or Queen. It should extend 12" for a full or twin sized bed.

Say goodbye to rugburn and go find a beautiful rug for your home.

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