Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mixing Masculine and Feminine

Mixing masculine and feminine styles is all about blending hard with soft. For every masculine core item in a space be sure to incorporate a feminine element, and vice versa. This well help compliment and create a more well rounded, interesting environment.

For example: if you have a strong, bold couch tone down the look by adding either a curved or glass coffee table. Stack three leather bound books on the coffee table with a decorative candle resting on the books. Place a square vases with flowers near the books.

Another way to mix these design styles is to buy traditionally masculine items in a feminine finish or shape – again, vice versa. For example: a round, three legged side table made out of unpolished metal; an intricately shaped mirror in a rusted finish; a leather chair designed with curved legs and an arched frame.


Mix the below elements to create a home that juxtaposes both masculine and feminine.


Unfinished, stripped, sturdy furniture
Plaid, tweed, wool, leather textures
Flat or matte finishes
Straight lines
Old maps
Leather bound books
Vintage model cars
Woven metal baskets
Bronze/iron knickknacks


Delicate, shapely furniture
Velvet, flowered, embroidered textures
Metallic or satin finishes
Curved lines
Crystal vases
Light, airy drapes
Tealight votives
Ceramic bowls
Chenille throw blankets

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